Looking for a great case to keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 safe? You found it! The Noir ZigZag is a high quality wool felt case that’s simple, attractive and comes with an interesting mix of colours and shapes.

The design of this girly Samsung Galaxy S3 pouch consists of the classical grey felt body and a black vertical stripe that stretches along the entire front of the case. While the black colour of the stripe gives the case a slightly sober aspect, the zig-zag edges of the stripe look lively, making the case a bit hard to place into an exact category of S3 cases as it is created for women but at the same time is suitable for men who appreciate fashion and style.

In terms of quality, on the other hand, it’s quite easy to categorise the Emperoar Noir ZigZag, as the premium 3mm high-density Merino wool felt used in its design is among the best types of felt available, placing this case in the category of luxury/high-quality S3 cases. As expected, high-quality materials lead to high-quality products, so the Noir ZigZag doesn’t just look great, but also does an incredible job in keeping your Samsung Galaxy S3 safe from shocks, liquids, small fires, static electricity, dust and scratches.

Last but not least, this girly Samsung Galaxy S3 pouch - Noir ZigZag - is made using 100% natural materials, so besides taking care of your phone, it also keeps the planet less polluted.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Case - Noir ZigZag

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: SGS3-BL-ZG
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