You love your phone. It's easy to do because, besides being one of the most powerful phones at the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is also one of the most attractive phones coming with a daring design that consists of a mix of amazing curves and quality materials.

With the Emperoar Noir and Neon Double case, that is truly the best case for Samsung Galaxy S3, we tried to capture the same two aspects – a daring design and quality materials. On the materials side it was fairly easy as the 3mm high-density Merino wool felt we use is one of the finest types of felt out there, so we were left with the challenge of coming up with an interesting design. We opted not to follow the curvy design of the S3 but rather go with simple straight lines to create a contrast. As far as we can tell, it turned out really well.

The Noir and Neon Double S3 case comes with a wide noir black strip that stretches from the top side of the case to its bottom and a thinner neon green strip throughout the black one, resulting in a very attractive look and an accentuated contrast of colours and lines.

Completing the 'menu' is the fact that the Emperoar Noir and Neon Double Samsung Galaxy S3 case is made using completely natural materials, thus being 100% eco-friendly.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Case - Noir and Neon Double

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