If you think designing a phone case is a simple task, you couldn't be further from the truth. After all, in order to achieve the looks of the Neon Shark Galaxy S3 pouch we had to wrestle a radioactive shark, 'borrow' its top fin to use it as a decorative element and use its teeth to make the two vertical sewing lines you see on top of the case.

Ok, maybe we exaggerated a bit, and even though the materials we used for this case are not as exclusive as mentioned above, we're still talking about 3mm-thick high-quality Merino wool felt here. This translates into a high level of protection that your Samsung Galaxy S3 craves for. The Neon Shark Galaxy S3 pouch will keep your phone safe from most common hazards such as spills, drops or shocks, and everything in between.

So, opting for one of our cool Samsung Galaxy S3 cases means you'll get outstanding aesthetics, top-level protection from all types of hazards and the peace of mind that you helped us keep our planet in mint shape since this S3 pouch is made of 100% natural materials.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Case - Neon Shark

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: SGS3-GR-TR
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