Feel the energy vibe with one of the best Galaxy S3 Cases - Neon Flow by Emperoar. Designed to reflect positivity and optimism, this case comes with a wide neon green vertical stripe that covers almost the whole front side of the case, giving it an overall happy look and feel.

Since good energy vibes are not enough to keep your beloved phone safe, we use our top-quality 3mm thick high-density Merino wool felt for the design of this case and 1mm felt for the neon green stripe. The result is a case that's lightweight, simple and very effective against most of the day-to-day usage mishaps your phone might encounter such as accidental drops, scratches, dust, liquid spills, static electricity, small fires and more.

In addition, we use only eco-friendy natural materials in the design of all Samsung S3 covers to maintain the positive vibe and also keep harmony with nature. The Neon Flow Samsung Galaxy S3 case is the type of phone pouch that will turn heads with its sophisticated look and also bring a smile on people's faces. It does all that while keeping your beloved Samsung Galaxy S3 safe and protecting our planet – how many cases can pride with all that?

Samsung Galaxy S3 Case - Neon Flow

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: SGS3-GR-WVS
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