Let your phone case reflect your personality! If you’re the business type, choose something a bit sober and elegant; if you’re into classics, choose something with that vintage feel and, last but not least, if you’re the active type, choose the Frost and Neon Parallel case.

Designed with one main idea in mind – to suit your fast-paced lifestyle, the Frost and Neon Parallel Samsung S3 cover is more than your average phone case. First of all, there are the top-quality design materials: 100% natural 3mm high-density Merino wool felt for the body of the case and 1mm thick Merino wool felt for the decorative elements; since we mentioned decorative elements, let’s get a bit into them as they are the elements that give this case its lively feel. This Samsung S3 cover comes with a frost white triangular decoration that covers one of the bottom corners and a neon green oblique stripe that is parallel with one of the triangle’s sides. The end result is a colour and shape combination that gives the Emperoar Frost and Neon Parallel Samsung Galaxy S3 case a happy vibe and an awesome visual aspect.

Good looks is not everything, so the Frost and Neon Parallel was also designed to keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 as safe as possible. This is the best Samsung Galaxy S3 case if you are looking for a high level of protection against dust, scratches, static electricity, liquid spills and small fires.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Case - Frost and Neon Parallel

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: SGS3-FNPLL
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