If you are one of those people that like to keep things simple, this one is for you. Meet the Emperoar Classic Samsung Galaxy S3 case, a simple but beautiful wool felt case that will keep your valuable Galaxy S3 smartphone safe from the most common hazards out there.

The main characteristic of the Emperoar Classic SGS3 case is discretion – this is far from being the type of case that will instantly attract all eyes on it. However, people who know and value true quality will appreciate this case because, as simple as it is, it still uses only premium quality materials in its design. The material in question is 3mm high-density Merino wool, one of the best possible materials for Samsung Galaxy S3 phone covers offering solid protection against scratches, dust, liquid spills, static electricity, small fire and shocks while also being very attractive and light.

Overall, the Emperoar Classic Samsung Galaxy S3 is probably not the case for someone who wants to be in the spotlight constantly, but rather the case for the type of a person that just wants to take care of his Samsung S3 smartphone. Still, its simplicity hides a discrete elegance that will make it hard for it to remain unnoticed. Simple is the new cool.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Case - Classic

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: SGS3-BGR
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