It is common knowledge that every man must have at least one decent suit in his wardobe since men in suits look smart and sophisticated. 

Why not to treat your Samsung Galaxy S4 like a boss too? After all, the S4 is a real champion of smartphones, right? 

This Bureau SGS4 wool felt case won't be left unnoticed as it is unique and hardly comparable to any other SGS4 cases available on the market.

Without exaggeration, the Bureau S4 case is one of the most attractive and unique SGS4 cases you’ll ever come across. The case comes with a stylish white collar and a black tie making your Samsung Galaxy S4 look super elegant; also, the premium Merino wool used in the design of the case will be a clear sign that that you care about environment and value natural products.

In addition, our wool felt Galaxy S4 covers offer solid protection against all the common hazards such as scratches, dust, spills, drops and even small fires.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Case - Bureau

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: SGS4-BUR
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