The idea behind the Emperoar Neon Retro case was to design something that preserves a bit of a nostalgic retro feel, yet matches the elegance of your Samsung Galaxy S3. We are quite confident that the Neon Retro Samsung Galaxy S3 case does just that. Its design is quite simple, with the classical 3mm Merino wool body and 1mm Merino wool neon green elements; however, paired with your elegant Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, the case looks imposing despite its simplicity.

Here at Emperoar we understand how much you love your Galaxy S3, that’s why we strive to make our Samsung S3 covers as protective as possible in order to keep you phone in new-like shape. We achieved that by using premium quality high-density Merino wool felt – a material that offers good protection against the common dangers a phone faces during day-to-day use: dust, scratches, static electricity, liquid spills, shocks and even small fires. We also appreciate the environment, so all the cases we make are 100% eco-friendly.

Overall, the Emperoar Neon Retro Samsung Galaxy S3 case is one of the best Galaxy S3 cases around – it’s a pouch that gets the job done, does it right and looks insanely awesome while doing it.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Case - Neon Retro

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: SGS3-GR-SQ
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