The Emperoar Neon and Noir Parallel Samsung Galaxy S3 pouch, a variation of the Frost and Neon Parallel, targets an audience that’s slightly different from the one of the previously mentioned model. While the Frost and Neon Parallel is aimed primarily at the casual always-on-the-run type of people, the Neon and Noir Parallel is aimed at people that want to point out that they too have an active lifestyle, yet still want to maintain a certain level of seriousness. The active style is reflected by the big neon green triangle that dominates the front side of the case, whereas the soberness is represented by the parallel noir black stripe. Altogether, the colour combination turns out to be an attractive and interesting one – a 'recipe' that won’t be left unnoticed.

Design quality is another section at which the Emperoar Neon and Noir Parallel Samsung Galaxy S3 scores big. Due to the use of premium quality Merino wool felt, the case is not only attractive but also effective when it comes to keeping your phone safe. This 100% wool felt is an excellent shock absorber as well as an ideal material for keeping your Samsung Galaxy S3 safe from other common hazards such as liquid spills, small fires, static electricity, dust and scratches.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Case - Neon and Noir Parallel

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