Phone manufacturers make really big efforts to come up with attractive and exquisite materials when designing their phones, so wouldn’t it be a shame to waste all their hard work by buying a cheap and bulky plastic case to keep your high-end phone safe? We twisted and turned to find a material that would be a good match for your Samsung Galaxy S3’s excellent looks, and we found the answer - quality wool felt!

The Emperoar Checker case is one of the fanciest Samsung S3 cases you can find for your phone. It’s different from most of what’s out there and offers a significant level of protection for your phone. The quilted wool design gives the Checker case a traditional old-style or retro feel that will make an interesting contrast with the overall high-tech vibe of your Samsung Galaxy S3. We find this extreme contrast very appealing and we are pretty sure that you and your friends will do too.

The premium Merino wool felt used in the design of the Checker case is not only responsible for good aesthetics but also has an important role in the protection 'department'. Wool felt is a very good shock absorber, so your phone will remain safe and secure in case of an accidental drop. Also, all our Samsung S3 cases offer protection against dust, scratches, liquid spills, static electricity, small fires and other common mishaps.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Case - Checker

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: SGS3-GRQ
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