If you are tired of low-quality plastic cases and are looking for a more natural but at the same time unique and modern iPhone 5 sleeve, look no further – you are in the right place! The Emperoar team is ready to satisfy all your needs by offering a great variety of the best iPhone 5 covers.

Our cases are made using only 100% natural Merino wool felt, therefore, we attract many people who appreciate our effort to popularize an eco-friendly fashion. So why not get one of our exclusive top-quality wool felt cases now and become a part of those cool people?!

Being made of the finest 3mm thick Merino wool felt, this Neon Flow iPhone 5 sleeve is a stylish way to keep your iPhone 5 safe. Forget about accidental knocks, drops and scratches as this case will protect your precious device from all this and even more!

Oh, and if you worry that the Neon Flow iPhone 5 case is not suitable for your age, don't worry, because it targets a wide audience. It doesn't matter if you are a teenager who wants to stand out from the crowd or a senior who wants a practical and durable case, this design is a great option for everyone.

The wide neon green strip to the centre of the grey wool felt case is a striking accent. Many of our costumers say that this particular iPhone 5 sleeve brightens up their daily routine every time they pick up the phone, thanks to the beautiful neon green detail which enhances energy and positive optimism.

Overall, if you want a case that gives you a flow of energy and creativity, the Emperoar Neon Flow iPhone 5 sleeve is what you’re looking for.

iPhone 5 Case - Neon Flow

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: IPHONE5-GR-WVS
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