If you are looking for a quality iPhone 5 case, you might have noticed that most of the companies offer bright plastic or faux leather iPhone 5 covers that are cheap and wear out after a month or two. So, why not buy our premium Checker iPhone 5 wool felt case that has all necessary features you can ask for?

First of all, with this case you have a quilted pattern all over a plain grey wool felt that is minimal but elegant and classy. Thus, this traditional design makes the Checker iPhone 5 case suitable for everyone's age, taste and lifestyle.

Second, we support eco-friendly fashion, therefore, our iPhone 5 covers are made using only top-quality natural materials including the finest Merino wool. This type of wool ensures a high level of protection and durability: it will keep your delicate iPhone 5 safe from static electricity shocks, water, dust, scratches and even small fires.

To sum up, this Checker wool felt case has everything your iPhone 5 craves for. It's unique, it's natural, it's stylish and it's extra durable!! So, get this exclusive iPhone 5 case for your beloved gadget and emphasize its smartness. Your iPhone will love you for it!

iPhone 5 Case - Checker

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: IPHONE5-GRQ
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