Emperoar strikes again with yet another awesome case for your iPhone 4S. Meet one of our designer iPhone 4S cases for girls with a funky design that won’t be unnoticed. Built to impress, the Noir ZigZag iPhone 4S case is one of those products that will make you pause to admire it, and have you wonder how something can be so simple yet so attractive.

Built from one of the densest types of Merino wool available, the Noir ZigZag is not only attractive but also effective in keeping your iPhone safe. It can protect it from scratches, dust, static electricity, liquids and even small fires.

Noir ZigZag stands out from the crowd due to its simple design, coming with a hand-stitched black zig-zag pattern along the middle of it. The case is a reminder that beauty can lie in the tiniest details, details which are usually overlooked. And, speaking of overlooked details, the Emperoar Noir ZigZag iPhone 4S case also scores at a chapter that’s overlooked by other case manufacturers - environment. Being built using only natural materials, the Noir ZigZag is 100% bio-degradable. We strive to put as much effort into protecting the nature as we put into satisfying our customers. That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes Emperoar unique.

iPhone 4S Case - Noir ZigZag

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: IPHONE4S-BL-ZG
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