Because we strive to cover all styles and tastes here at Emperoar, we designed the Neon and Noir Parallel iPhone 4S case to be a more contrasting version of the Frost and Neon Parallel case. The overall design of the case is the same, with a triangle covering a corner and an oblique line across the front of the case, but the colours are modified; the triangle is now bright green and the stripe is black – a powerful contrast that mixes energy with soberness. This iPhone 4S sleeve targets a wide audience, from youngsters that want to stand out from the crowd, to middle-aged individuals that want a case that’s both formal but modern and playful at the same time.

The Neon and Noir Parallel iPhone 4S case is designed using high-density 3mm Merino wool for the body and 1mm Merino wool for the decorative elements - a combination that makes it one of the safest iPhone 4S cases out there. It will keep your phone safe from liquid spills, static electricity, dust, scratches and will even protect it from a small fire. Not to mention that being made from 100% natural materials the case is nature friendly – an aspect most cases can only dream about.

iPhone 4S Case - Neon and Noir Parallel

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