Elegance through simplicity – this should be the motto for the iPhone 4S; however, since Apple didn’t use that, we might use it for our Emperoar Classic iPhone 4S case. Our mission was to design a case that’s simple, adequate for all ages and tastes, yet preserves the elegant feel of the iPhone 4S. With the Emperoar Classic iPhone 4S pouch, we think we’ve accomplished just that.

The Classic iPhone 4S case is made from Merino wool felt with a thickness of 3mm, a very dense type of wool felt that ensures a high level of protection and durability. With this iPhone 4S pouch, your phone will be safe from scratches, dust, dirt, liquids, small fires, drops and static charge – all the protection it needs. In addition, the case doesn’t protect just your iPhone 4S, it also protects the environment by being 100% eco-friendly.

Overall, why opt for plastic or other materials when you can go with a much more stylish material such as wool felt that also offers significantly better protection? If you want what’s best for your iPhone, our Emperoar iPhone 4S pouch is your best pick. Check out our collection and find out the one that’s right for your taste. Don’t leave your iPhone 4 unprotected – choose Emperoar.

iPhone 4S Case - Classic

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