When it comes to dressing the iPhone, because let’s face it, a case is reminiscent of one’s outer garment, it’s difficult to find something that delivers the same classiness and usability that the iPhone is renowned for, therefore, more often than not we tend not to bother.

Big mistake! That outer garment you wear protects you from bad weather; what is protecting your delicate iPhone from unanticipated destruction? We try to be careful with our gadgets but accidents happen, and when they do, it can be very costly. The Emperoar Noir and Neon Double iPhone 4 case offers an excellent degree of protection for your phone against accidental drops, spills, every day dust and dirt offering you peace of mind in the process!

However, we also believe that a stylish gadget requires a stylish jacket, and therefore we offer a smart-looking case made of eco-riendly 3mm thick Merino wool felt to keep your iPhone 4 safe and sound as well as looking super cool! The black and neon green combined with the grey offers a modern sleek look, and the double layered felt, which is securely stitched, offers extra padding. So if you really are the clumsy type, then this is the perfect iPhone 4 pouch for you!

iPhone 4 Case - Noir and Neon Double

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: IPHONE4-BLGR-VS
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