Are you one of those people who are desperately looking for luxury iPhone 4 cases? Well, look no further – you have found us! We offer minimal but elegant and stylish wool felt cases that not only look great, but also provide excellent protection for you iPhone 4 by offering proof against accidental spills, dust, dirt, scratches and even small fires. Wow!

What is more, by buying our iPhone 4 covers, you show how much you care about the environment because all our products are eco-friendly. We use only 100% Merino wool felt that is highly valued worldwide. In general, we all should be grateful to kind Merino sheep which donated their glorious wool to keep our 'little companions' safe and warm. Thus, appreciate their generosity and buy this premium Frost and Neon Parallel wool felt case that will warm up your delicate iPhone and attract the attention of your friends and colleagues.

The Frost and Neon Parallel iPhone 4 wool felt case features two parallel shapes – a white triangle and a neon green strip. On a funny note, the decorative details might symbolise a flock of white shaggy sheep by a green grass-plot.

So, be unique and original and surprise your precious device with one of our luxury iPhone 4 cases that will definitely become an essential item for you and your beloved iPhone.

iPhone 4 Case - Frost and Neon Parallel

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: IPHONE4-FNPLL
  • Availability: In Stock
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