Even though we try to be extremely careful with our brand new gadgets, accidents happen, and it's important to protect your phone from accidental knocks and drops. However, you might have noticed that it's not that easy to find an iPhone 5 case that would be as smart as your brand new device. But don't you worry! Emperoar has everything your beloved iPhone 5 deserves and more!

Since we strive to satisfy our customers, our awesome iPhone 5 cases are made using 100% natural materials including the finest Merino wool felt that is tough and durable providing an excellent degree of protection for your 'little companion'. The Noir and Neon Double wool felt case will keep your iPhone safe against liquid spills, dust, dirt, drops, scratches, static electricity shocks and even small fires. Amazing!

The design of this Emperoar case is simple yet effective, and a perfect blend of colours gives it a playful vibe. Featuring two vertical stripes of neon green and black securely stitched on top of a natural grey 3mm thick wool felt, this case won't be unnoticed.

So, don’t leave your iPhone unprotected and check out our exclusive collection of iPhone 5 covers now! With our wool felt cases your iPhone will be more than safe!

iPhone 5 Case - Noir and Neon Double

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: IPHONE5-BLGR-VS
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