The iPhone 4S is an awesome phone, no doubt about that, but without the proper protection, it won’t be awesome for long. Show some love for it with the Emperoar Noir and Neon Double wool felt case. Combining the unique feel of premium Merino wool with the impressive aesthetics given by the daring combination of black and green, the protective iPhone 4S case is just what your iPhone needs to stay safe. It’s also what you need to stand out.

Here at Emperoar we are all about customer satisfaction, and we strive to do this by offering you products that keep your phone safe and look good while doing so. The Emperoar Noir and Neon Double case offers solid protection against all types of hazards, such as dust, liquid spills, static electricity, accidental drops and even small fires – significantly more types of protection than a classical plastic case. It also comes with a colour combination and design that makes it appropriate for all ages.

So, don’t take any risks because the iPhone 4S is not the cheapest phone to fix in case of an accident. Our protective iPhone 4S case will give you peace of mind as it's what your phone needs to stay safe.

iPhone 4S Case - Noir and Neon Double

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: IPHONE4S-BLGR-VS
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