The Neon Shark iPhone 4S case’s design was inspired by one of the ocean’s most feared predators – the shark; however, unlike the predator, this case won’t chew on your phone, but rather keep it safe from most of the dangers out there. Making it happen we use a 3mm thick layer of high-density Merino wool felt that will keep dust, water and fire away. It is also static-free and provides good protection in case of an accidental drop, so your beloved gadget is as safe as it can be with our cool iPhone 4S cases.

The case comes in a dark grey design with a bright neon green triangle that resembles a shark’s fin, thus the name. Also, two stylish stitches stretch along the front side to complete the aggressive design of the Neon Shark iPhone 4S case.

The funny thing is that, even though we’re talking about a shark here, there’s no danger – the case is 100% eco-friendly – something not many iPhone 4S pouches can brag about. We, at Emperoar, care about the environment as much as we care about the satisfaction of our clients, so when you buy our cool iPhone 4S cases, you can be sure you buy products of the highest quality. Opt for the Neon Shark iPhone 4S case today – the perfect gift your iPhone can get. 

iPhone 4S Case - Neon Shark

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