The Emperoar Neon Retro iPhone 4S case is the case that will bring a new meaning to the term “retro”. It comes with a daring design that combines simplicity and nostalgia of retro shapes with a fresh vibe brought by the bright neon green. The result is simply spectacular.

What’s also spectacular is the solid protection our designer iPhone 4S cases offer. Manufactured from highly dense top-quality 3mm Merino wool felt, all iPhone 4S covers at Emperoar are tough and durable protecting your iPhone against scratches, liquid spills, static and even small fires. Also, accidental drops won’t be a problem anymore as wool also happens to be a very good shock absorber, taking the hit instead of letting your phone do it.

The green rectangles on this Neon Retro case are not only for aesthetics; they symbolize our care for nature, manifested through the use of natural materials for our cases, making all Emperoar cases nature friendly. So, you see, when you choose our designer iPhone 4S cases, you don’t just do your phone a favour, you also help to keep our planet cleaner by reducing the consumption of oil-derived faux-leather and plastic cases that, unfortunately, are pollutants and take an extremely long time to degrade. We believe that man, technology and nature can and should live together in harmony.

iPhone 4S Case - Neon Retro

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: IPHONE4S-GR-SQ
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