When we initially designed the Neon Rail iPhone 4S case, we tried to capture the minimalist feel of the iPhone and add a little futuristic detail of our own to the recipe. In our vision, this simple wool case resembles minimal look, while the neon green strip symbolizes the power that lies within.

We created the Neon Rail and other iPhone 4S covers for the user who wants a case that blends perfectly with the iPhone’s look and feel, a case that feels like it is just what your iPhone 4S is missing to be complete.

It’s not all about the looks, as the Neon Rail iPhone 4S cover also offers your phone the delicate protection it deserves. Manufactured using top-quality 3mm Merino wool, this case can keep your phone safe from most hazards out there. All our iPhone 4S covers offer a high level of protection against dust, scratches, spills, drops, static and small fires.

Let’s recap: it’s effective, it’s attractive and it is environmentally friendly – what more can you ask for from a phone case? Surely, the Neon Rail iPhone 4S case is just what your iPhone craves for. It is also what you need if you’re tired of worrying about accidental drops, knocks, scratches and even water spills that could damage your beloved iPhone 4S. We have some hot offers, so get one of our best iPhone 4S cases today!

iPhone 4S Case - Neon Rail

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  • Brand: Emperoar
  • Product Code: IPHONE4S-GR-VS
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