Portable electronic devices play an increasingly important role in our modern everyday lives. And, since a day without one seems somewhat impossible, we believe that your iPhone is not just a phone to you but rather an inseparable assistant/friend who reflects your style and personality.

If you are looking for a more natural but at the same time beautiful product that easily falls into category of luxury iPhone 4 cases, with our exclusive range of cases you need to look no further. We thrive when it comes to unique patterns, natural top-quality materials and a perfect blend of colours – this is what your iPhone really needs to look sophisticated.

Unlike the cheap and bulky plastic as well as faux leather phone cases that have flooded the market, unique Emperoar wool felt cases are of premium quality and available exclusively via EMPEROAR.com. Hence, you have a great opportunity to make your device stand out and express your personality!

Now, talking about actual materials used in designing this iPhone 4 case, we have to say a big thanks to our sheep which kindly donated their wool for a purpose of making the world's greatest iPhone cases.

This modern and minimal Neon and Noir Parallel iPhone 4 pouch is made of the finest 3mm thick Merino wool felt offering exceptional protection for your delicate gadget and preserving its looks. The design features two parallel shapes in contrasting colours – a neon green triangle and a narrow strip in black. This iPhone 4 case will not only protect your precious device from accidental drops, dust, dirt and scratches, but also from common messy liquid hazards. All Emperoar iPhone 4 cases will help you keep your iPhone new-like for longer without compromising on its looks. One of our customers once said that we invented an elixir of life for iPhones, well he is right... sort of.

Show some love to your little gadget with this classy iPhone 4 pouch from Emperoar. Your iPhone will be grateful for it!

iPhone 4 Case - Neon and Noir Parallel

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