About Us

Remember that awesome feeling you had when you held your beloved new gadget in your hands for the very first time? Sure you do. We’ve all been there. Don’t let the excitement fade away just because your device is not new anymore. With our cases, no one will ever know.

What makes Emperoar different is our vision – it’s not only about what we do, it’s also about how we do it. Everything we do is oriented towards your satisfaction, so compromises are simply unacceptable here at Emperoar. Choosing Emperoar means:

Why wool?

For numerous reasons. First of all, the type of wool we use, Merino Wool, is one of the densest types of wool available. This means that Emperoar cases are lightweight yet still provide an excellent degree of protection for your device against dust, scratches, static electricity and shocks. Your gadget deserves the best.

Why Emperoar?

Because we care of your gadget as much as you do. Emperoar cases are handmade with patience and care to exceed the expectation of even the most exigent users. We make the cases ourselves instead of simply importing and rebranding them, so when you buy an Emperoar case, you get to experience British quality at its finest. 

We care. Do you?

Someone once said that the end result justifies the means. We strongly disagree with that because, if things were so, everyone would be racing for their goals without caring about the consequences of their actions. Oh, wait, some are doing just that. Not us – we value the importance of doing a good job but we value the importance of doing it right even more.

Emperoar supports the UK economy by using local workforce and local materials, where possible; we also support our planet by making most of our cases eco-friendly. We do all this because we care – it means more than just making a sale. By choosing Emperoar, you show that you care too.